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Travel Documentation

We can review any requirements specific to your destination or event while organizing travel with your horses. Please help your vet help you by allowing enough time to complete the necessary paperwork and testing so that your trip goes smoothly! 

Coggins Testing:

A Coggins is a simple blood test that certifies that your horse does not have Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). This test is generally required annually by many boarding facilities and horse shows. A current Coggins is also required for travel across state lines.

This test requires a small blood sample from your horse and as well as digital photos displaying all of his markings. The blood samples are processed at a nearby lab and results are emailed when completed.  This process can take up to three days.

Health Certificate:

A health certificate is mandatory for crossing state lines (Don’t get caught without one), and may also be required at horse shows and events. Generally, a health certificate is valid for 30 days, The health certificate requires a brief examination of your horse by your veterinarian, whose signature certifies that on the date of the exam, your horse is healthy for travel.  It is best to always check with your destination event or state in advance, as health certificate requirements can change.

Image by Shelly Busby
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