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About Valley Equine

30 Years of Experience

Valley Large Animal Hospital had its humble beginnings on Hamilton Ave in Campbell during a time when there were more fruit trees than people in Santa Clara Valley.  As the horses moved to the southern end of the county, Valley Large was moved to Cochrane Road in Morgan Hill in 1972 under the tutelage of the late Eugene Carroll, DVM until it was purchased by Richard McCormick, VMD in 1984.  Lori Kayashima, DVM was added as an equal shareholder when it was incorporated in 1988.  It moved to Lena Ave off of Highway 101 in 1991 and to its present location on No Name Uno just north of St. Louise Hospital in May of 2021.

Meet The Team




Once described as the veterinarian with the "gray truck, white shirt, and black dog," Dr. Richard McComick grew up in the Gettysburg area of Pennsylvania and developed his love for horses taking care of them at the family farm and showing jumpers.  He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania  School of Veterinary Medicine in 1976 (with a Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris degree hence his title of VMD).  After working in a mixed practice in Maryland for a year, he headed west and purchased a veterinary practice in Mill Valley, CA where he worked for five years.  After selling that practice in 1982, he came to Valley Animal Hospital while it was still in Morgan Hill and ultimately purchased it from Eugene Carroll, DVM in 1984.While most of his time in equine practice has been spent in lameness and reproduction, he also has an interest in performance horse medicine.  He can sometimes be seen riding one of his horses on the local trails at Mt. Madonna with his wife Dr. Lori Kayashima, in his woodshop building furniture, or duck hunting with his Labrador, Eugene the Jeep  (he is still waiting patiently for Z to figure out how to swim).




Dr. Kris Valerio joins our team after spending the past 5 years on the east coast. She graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, Canada in 2020, and completed a one year equine internship in Virginia. Kris grew up competing in the jumper division, but her love for riding includes fox-hunting and trail riding, and eventually starting her yearling. In her free time, Kris enjoys skiing, the ocean, and spending time with her animals.




Dr. Fishenfeld grew up as a working student at a barn in San Juan Capistrano, California helping ride anything from off the track thoroughbreds to green auction ponies.
She received her Bachelors in Animal Science at California Polytechnic University, Pomona where she was President of her Intercollegiate Equestrian team. She earned her DVM at Western University of Health Sciences, where she received the California Thoroughbred Scholarship & the Clinical Excellence Award in Large Animal Internal Medicine.
Her professional interests include lameness, chiropractic, endocrinology, and ambulatory internal medicine.




Dr. Lori Kayashima grew up in Southern California and first manifested her lifelong love for horses at the age of six by cajoling her mother to drive to and from the grocery store a different route so that she could maximize the number of different horses she could see out the car window.  She graduated from the University of California Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1984.  When she started working at Valley Animal Hospital in Morgan Hill, it was a mixed practice and she divided her time between the horses, dogs and cats.  She was made equal shareholder with the practice when it was incorporated in 1988.  Together, she and her husband, Richard McCormick, VMD, opened a small animal practice, Orchard Veterinary Hospital in Gilroy in 1989.  She continued to split her time between the two practices until 2003 when staffing needs pushed her over to Orchard full time.  After discovering a wondrous world of climate controlled work environments and no after-hours emergencies, she can only be seen occasionally at Valley helping Richard with surgery, rounds at Happy Hollow Zoo or overflow appointments.  After hours, she enjoys trail riding, playing lifeguard for Z out in the duck swamp (don't tell Dr. McCormick, but she believes the only thing Z will ever excel at is sleeping), and fulfilling her role as "cat furniture" to her two cats while she reads.




Daisy needed hours to complete her veterinary assistant program at Central Coast College and landed on our doorstep in June 2016.  To our delight, she fit right into our team.  She has been an assiduous member--helping the doctors out on the road or in the clinic, always quick to lend a hand.

Daisy likes to spend time with her family in Watsonville and riding her horses.




Charlotte joined our team in February 2017.  Previously, she started in the veterinary field, switched to the human medical field, and then came to her sense and realized her true passion was with the four-legged animals and came to work with us.  We are all pleased that she made that decision!  ChaCha is not only industrious, she often serenades us with her humming while we work.

When she is not here with us, Charlotte likes to go trail riding. 

New picture coming soon. 




Picture coming soon! 

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