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Equine Dentistry

We offer comprehensive dental examinations and treatments.  It is recommended to have your horse's teeth checked twice yearly and floated when appropriate.  Dental examinations can be performed during your regularly scheduled vaccination appointments.  Horses that drop their food, are losing weight, have problems chewing or having bitting issues should be examined.  Regular attention to your horse's teeth helps to prevent painful dental conditions. 

Periodontal Treatments
Periodontal pockets are formed when feed packs in between or around teeth. This feed will then decay and ferment causing the gum to recede and a pocket forms. If left untreated, vital structures of the tooth will be destroyed and  the disease will progress toward the root, causing destruction of the periodontal ligament and loss of the tooth. This is one of the most painful dental conditions of the mouth, and if caught early, can be successfully treated. 

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